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Event and Activity Plans


At the Bar
At the Bar

While there are still a few more weeks of summer, The Board of Directors are busy planning events and activities for the Fall months and are once again reaching out to the Membership for ideas.



There is a suggestion box on the Bar where ideas/comments are welcome and will be responded to… and feel free to approach anyone of us with your ideas.


A few ideas we are considering are darts for steaks, regular Karaoke nights, Food Fridays of course, Saturday night Dance(s), Card tournaments; and other things.


Also, if there is anyone ‘out there’ who has an interest in / experience with organizing dart tournaments I would greatly appreciate some help.

Please watch for the calendar of events sent via email and as always, thank you for supporting your Club; and enjoy what is left of summer !

Lisa Dow
Entertainment Director

Annual General Meeting

Calling all Members of The Moncton Press Club…Our Annual General Meeting is being held on May 30, 2015 at 2:00 PM. Your participation in this Meeting is vital.


AGM Your Vote CountsThe Moncton Press Club has enjoyed many years of successful activity since 1950. Many of those founding members are either limited in particpation or have passed. We currently have a paid membership of over 300 members. We would like to, we need to attract more members if we are to enjoy further club activities and longevity.


This is not the Year of Our Swan Song….this is the Year of Our Turning Tide. Jump on board and ride the tide with us. Let’s make The Moncton Press Club “The Venue” of Moncton for social activity and responsibility.

Get out and vote!

General Meeting

The Moncton Press Club General Meeting was held on Feb 28. The meeting was well attended. Reports were presented and well received. The Club’s finances are slowly improving but there is still a lot of work to do. Memberships are around 300 paid up members but more are

Moncton Press Club
The Moncton Press Club

required to keep the club viable. The interior of the Club has been repainted. A suggestion box has been set up at the Club for members to submit ideas for activities and events. Be sure to provide your input. Your Board of Directors is working very hard to keep the Club successful and operational but your support of activities and events is required. All clubs similar to ours are experiencing difficulties keeping their clubs active and we are no different. We have a great facility in a great location.  Your continued support is appreciated. 2014 was a good year. 2015 will be even better!

New Floors

Hey everyone, thanks for your patience and cooperation. The floors have all been stripped and a brand new coat of wax has been added. The floors are gleaming right now.

FF Jan 30_2015This Friday night the Mud River Rockers are playing at our venue. All you dancers get out on these new floors and dance up a storm. The music will be rockin’! The boys play great tunes. Come and enjoy a great evening.

Don’t forget this is Food Friday. Cost for the Prime Rib meal is only $12.00. Support for these nights has been great. Let’s keep ’em comin’. Should be a great time of food, fun, friendship and frivolity. See you there!

Karaoke Night at the Club

Susanne & Vinnie were back to The Moncton Press Club this past Friday, Jan 16, with their brand of Karaoke.

Karaoke Jan 16

The crowd was about 40 people. Not large but very enthusiastic. Participation from those in attendance as performers was stellar. Vinnie provided us with some light comedy and on going patter between performers and Susanne made cuing up the tunes look easy. As a performer herself, Susanne certainly sings with a very beautiful voice. Vinnie is not bad either; just not as pretty but his hat fits well.

It was also Food Friday and the staff served up some very delicious plates of pork chops with potatoe and carrots. Well attended and well received. I don’t think there was a clean table in the place until later.  A meal that only cost $8.00 for which you would have paid a minimum of $14.00 anywhere else in town. You owe it to yourself to check out these Food Friday events if you haven’t been coming out.

See you next time. Watch our Calendar and Weekly Feature for announcements.



2015 Has Kicked Off

Hey everyone, trust you made it through New Years Eve safely.,satisfactorily, and with great exuberance, (sobriety optional). Because I have been away for the past two months visiting I overlooked putting up something regarding the New Year.

No matter, the Club calendar is already active and the committees and leadership appear to have been working diligently to kick off the Year well. Hip. hip, hooray to everyone!!

Need to draw your attention to an important maintenance issue about to take place on Jan 21 and Jan 22:

Floor Maint 2015

Nothing better than a clean floor for those nights we are dancing. Have a great New Year all.

Christmas Time is Coming

Here we are folks, on the cusp of Christmas Eve. Only a few hours to go before the Big Red Jolly Fellow slips down chimneys and in through keyholes to pass out Christmas Joy. The children will be dreaming through the night about the presents they have wished to receive. Parents wait up all night to be sure the wee ones have finally drifted into la la land. Doubtless many are hoping the Sandman stops by earlier than usual so they too can catch some much needed z’s.Christmas Eve


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Membership Time

The Moncton Press Club directors and committees are working with great penchant to bring members and visitors an enjoyable and rememberable experience when attending the Club and Club functions. Of course without our members there would no reason to try so hard to maintain a great venue for sociability,  entertainment and activity.

Membership Renewal

Which brings me to remind all members Membership Renewals for 2015 are fast approaching. It is mid November 2014 already. Renewals are due before January 1, 2015. Get in early and get your membership renewed. Treat it as a Christmas present to yourself and possibly your spouse/partner.

Food Friday and Dancing Nov 14, 2014

Hey everyone,

Come out this Friday for a feast of Potato Scallop and Baked Ham. Cost is only $10.00 and the chatting and commiserating is FREE.  Meal service begins at 6:30 pm

Baked Ham & Scalloped Potatoes plus Dance to Emery Turner Trio
Baked Ham & Scalloped Potatoes plus Dance to Emery Turner Trio

Once you have filled yourself with fuel to burn, hang around, The Emery Turner Trio is back to provide music you can listen and dance to the rest of the evening. Dancing begins around 7:30. These guys play good, dance music. They will get your toes tapping, your knees knocking, your shoulders shakin’, and your head bobbin’. It will be an evening you will enjoy!