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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day commemorates the sacrifices of people in all armed conflicts.

The Poppy in Flanders Field
Remembrance Day commemorates the sacrifices that Canadians made in armed conflicts, including World Wars I and II.
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How it all Began

Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of the official end of the World War I hostilities on November 11, 1918. World War I was a massive conflict played out over the whole globe, but particularly in Europe, where troops from Canada supported the Allied forces. Continue reading Remembrance Day

Friday Night Dance

Friday Night Dance Nite

November 07, 2014

The Moncton Press Club


Sonic Dimensions

Come join us at The Moncton Press Club and listen to some great Country/Rock from the Sonic Dimensions. The band consists of Donald Dupuis, Perry Romard, Claudette Pino and Orville Harris. Dance your feet to their tunes all night beginning at 7:00 pm. See you there!

Wine Seminar 101

Have you ever had questions about wine but were  afraid to ask? Does it seem like everyone knows what wine pares with what dish except you?

Wine Tasting Seminar 101
Wine Tasting Seminar 101

Well here is an opportunity for 20 people to learn about wine with Jamie Acker, New Brunswick and PEI Sales Representative, with Churchill Dauphinee a division of Churchill Cellars Ltd. Through their wholly owned subsidiary Churchill Dauphinee (see a list), they  represent international suppliers of wines, spirits and beers in Atlantic Canada. They are pleased to work with the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, New Brunswick Liquor, Newfoundland Liquor Corporation, and the P.E.I. Liquor Commission.

Jamie Acker will teach you about the various wines available in our region, answer your questions and show you how to taste a wine properly.

Enrollment for this event is limited to 20 people and 10 people have already signed up. Call the Club or come in and sign the Sign-Up sheet right away. This is a marvelous opportunity to learn.


The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers are coming to The Moncton Press Club,

The Good Brothers, Larry, Bruce and Brian
The Good Brothers, Larry, Bruce and Brian

Wednesday, November 5. Show time is 8:00 PM. Cost is $20.00 per person. This is a show you do not want to miss.  These guys are legends in Canada and abroad. The men originate from Richmond Hill, Ontario and have travelled throughout Canada, United States, and Europe extensively.  Here is  a sample of what you can expect on Wednesday night at 8:00 PM – “Fox on the Run“.

Comedy Night & Girls Soccer Success

Laugh until you have tears in your eyes.
Comedic Relief

Oops…I happened to drop into The Moncton Press Club Thursday evening, August 28th, and realized I had completely forgotten about a very special event that was taking place here. Duh me! Tonight was the Comedy Show to benefit the Under 18 Women’s Soccer team attending the National Championship in Surrey, BC. Double Duh!!

As luck would have it I arrived at the show which was at least half way along.

Realizing what was going on I quickly saddled up to the bar, ordered a drink, and began to listen. Even more amazing to me was the comedian performing at the very moment I arrived, Roger LeBlanc. For those of you who know Roger you know he is the same Roger who enjoys setting records with his 4 Wheeler tricks. Well blow my socks off I have known Roger for a number of years when we both shared an interest in wedding photography. I never realized he was a comedian…oh I knew he enjoyed a joke and a good laugh. But he is very funny and the audience really enjoyed his humour. Following Roger the headliner was center stage, James Mullinger, recently moved from the UK to reside now in Saint John. If you have not seen or heard him before you owe it to yourself to get to one of his shows; he is a very funny man and a Brit at that.

The audience was treated to a wonderful evening of great comedy. Although I have not mentioned the other comedians as I did not arrive in time to hear them I understand they were equally entertaining. Just so you know the other comedians were: Geoff Hendry, Scott Compagna, Glen K. Amo, Martin Saulnier, and Marcel Richard. Where else could you go and get to listen to 7 funny, funny comics for $10.00.

Make sure you check our monthly calendar for our expanding lineup of events and activities.

Busy Night at the Club

Attended The Moncton Press Club last night. That would be Aug 22, 2014 that is. Wow! This place was hopping with activity. A group had assembled from Moncton High School. Students, alumni, and teachers assembled together one last time to say goodbye to the stalwart and hallowed halls of the old school as it has been decommission in favour of new school being built out in the Royal Oaks area.

Then another group of supporters and volunteers where meeting in the Small Lounge from the Make A Wish Foundation.

The Moncton Mature Singles 55+ were holding their biweekly meeting at the Club last night too. This group is open to any single men or women 55 years of age or older. Great opportunity to get out and meet new friends. Who knows, might even find someone to share the future with too.

Luc & Justin
Luc & Justin

Of course last night was BBQ night. The hamburgers and sausages were flying off the grill into the hands of those in attendance. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying the informal repast. Add to that the musical guests Luc and Justin playing some very sweet sounds with a blues and jazz flavour just made the whole evening fantastic.


But wait, there is even more. This weekend The Moncton Air Show is on and a few of the planes and pilots provide an aerial demonstration right behind the Club over the waterfront of the Petitcodiac. This was amazing and thrilling.

I finished the evening off with a few dances and then made the trip home. What a night! What a great sleep I had too!!

Hope to see you at our next event. Keep checking our calendar for updates.

Dan Jardine Memorial Golf Tournament

The much anticipated Dan Jardine Memorial Golf Tournament is scheduled to take place October 05, 2014. Tee off time is 12:30. Entry fee for the tournament is $40.00 per person.

Golf Tournament
Dan Jarndine Memorial Golf Tournament

Get your team of FOUR together now and register before it is too late. A sign-up sheet and tickets are available at the Club. The tournament will be held at the Lakeside Golf and Country Club.


Following the tournament Dinner will be held at The Moncton Press Club at 160 Assomption Blvd, Moncton.

A great time of friendly competition, fellowship, and bragging rights for everyone participating.

Comedy Show coming to The Moncton Press Club

Laugh until you have tears in your eyes.
Comedic Relief

August 28th at 8:00 pm a group of comedians will be converging on The Moncton Press Club at 160 Assomption Blvd. If you enjoy a good laugh, haven’t had a good belly laugh in a long time, and are looking for a great evening of fun out, you do not want to miss this event. Cost to enter is a reasonable $10.00 a person. As well as having a great time you will be supporting the Under 18 Girls Soccer Team who will be attending the National Soccer Championship in Surrey, BC.

Come enjoy a good laugh, a couple of drinks, and support the Ladies Soccer Team. All proceeds raised will be used to support these Ladies.

Moncton Press Club Icemen

I was visiting The Moncton Press Club last night after a disappointing  semi-final round at the Blackjack Tournament at the Casino. Of course a little time at the Club socializing helped heal my wounded ego.

While there a group of guys and one lovely lady showed up après  their ball game. It seems this group arrives whenever the game is over for a little time of socializing too. Last night, like me, everyone was easing the pain of their second straight loss having one eight in a row before (unlike me). Apparently a few bowls of potato chips, some beverages, and lots of laughs is as good as a physiotherapists’ bandages on a torn muscle.

After the Game
The Moncton Press Club Icemen

Not to worry fellas, even the Bluejays are known to lose a few prior to going into the finals. Unlike the Jays, though, we hope you don’t peter out. Good luck and bring home the trophy like you did a couple years ago.

Entertainment Committee Members

Volunteers for Entertainment Committee
Looking for volunteers
To Everyone,

As the new Entertainment Chair at The Moncton Press Club, I am reaching out to the Membership to form a Committee immediately to assist with various events that take place at the club.  This is a volunteer effort.
I am not looking for 100’s of names, but we need more than ME to organize, facilitate, and help the Bar Staff with the variety of events that are already planned at the Club, and to share ideas on what we do in the future.
Anyone interested can sign up on the sheet being posted tomorrow on the bulletin board, print your name & phone number, or contact me directly @ 506-863-8773 or by email at
I will schedule a meeting at the Club for all those interested in the very near future.
Many thanks for your continued support.

Lisa Dow
Entertainment Director
The Moncton Press Club